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Brittney and Andrew | Admiral Kidd


Most wedding ceremonies involve marriage vows, an exchange of rings, and a public proclamation of marriage by an authority figure. But not every wedding gets a view like Brittany and Andrew did during their ceremony at Admiral Kidd. This awe-inspiring view of the San Diego Bay not only made for an eye-catching backdrop to this sweet couple’s big day, but also [what I believe to be] a premonition into this couple’s marriage itself: fun and sunshine. From the red and pinks spread systematically throughout the wedding, the vibrancy wasn’t only seen in the relationship between the two love-birds, but in the floral arrangements as well. Check out that romantic bouquet! With a handsome white tux and a flawless gown to match, I couldn’t help but reminisce about what beautiful memories these two will make together. Luckily, I have proof this glorious day wasn’t just a dream…even if it seems that way.

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