I now offer flowers and floral design services for Southern California!  I specialize in unique designs with a strong foundation of natural elements- garden style arrangements with elegant and beautiful blooms. I will work with your color palette and inspiration to create cohesive arrangements which compliment the feel and mood of your event, uplifting the ambiance tenfold. 

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floral design

I first started my floral design journey because I wanted better pictures of flowers in my portfolio. I was tired of basketball-shaped bouquets at weddings, and looking at the same, boring style over and over. So I asked to be an intern for a local florist whom I adored. She said yes, and I learned how to create organic, natural, and artful arrangements.

From there, I got a job at the Native Poppy Shop as a lead floral designer, where I got experience in the high-demand world of retail flowers. I made everything from full weddings to dog flower crowns, Valentine's arrangements and funeral centerpieces. 

My love of flowers stems from an appreciation for all things natural and wild and overgrown, and I hope to share that with you!

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