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Wildflower Engagement Session at El Matador State Beach

Wildflowers are defined as ‘flowers of an uncultivated variety or flowers growing freely without human intervention’. Well we humans intervened with our presence and these lovely lovebugs brought along their dog as well! Don’t worry, we only captured their beauty on film, no picking here!!

As an engagement photographer, photographing this triple threat was not only a pleasure, but a clear reminder of why I do this. Between all of them ~the dog brought some serious licking game~ there was an undeniable amount of happiness from the moment I met them. True love can be hard to capture, but these guys made it easy with their whimsical laughter, romantic smiles, and perfect harmony. Being in a field of flowers and near the water, made for a magical Malibu engagement session. Now it’s time to be a wedding photographer and help them capture their biggest memories of all, in Mexico! Hasta La Vista~

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