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Hooooo boy, this is a big one!
Hiring me isn’t just a on-the-wedding-day deal. It’s so much more.

This is a full-service support system from timeline tweaking to wardrobe selection, album-ordering to budget-saving tips. It runs from professional photography advice all the way to any kind of non-photography guidance like “Are garters still a thing, Y/N?”

Give this a run through and let me know if any questions pop up.

Wave hello! Get in touch right here

Get a call on the books where we run through the exciting stuff, like your dreams and vision for the day, but also talk money. Let’s be real open and honest, so we get a realistic idea of your budget right from the get go.

If things are lining up, then I create a custom quote within a day or so of our phone call.

We get the contract and $1,000 retainer out of the way to make this whole thing official!

the process

Within a couple days, I excitedly email you a sneak peek smattering of edited images because we all can’t wait to see how good everyone looks.

Over the next month, the film rolls get sent to a shiny lab to be scanned while I dig for gold amongst thousands of digital photos from the day. With top picks in tow, I put my perfectionist hat on and go over each one again and again to make sure I’ve consistently and cohesively edited everything.

Within 3-4 weeks, you get to finally see them! Ack! This is the shiny, fun unveiling you’ve been waiting for. With your online gallery, you can download, share with friends, order prints and just generally start flooding social media with your happy, smiling faces.

If it was part of your package, I deliver a custom USB so you can order a zillion prints or an album or two in an heirloom box. Yes, I just said heirloom. So fancy.

And it’s worth mentioning that whenever the Stork comes into play, I love to keep snapping as families keep growing!

When you’re ready, we dive into a lot of non-photography guidance that’s essential for happy, relaxed images later on. Think colors, timelines, tips, locations, do’s, not to do’s, money-saving ideas and top ten poses (just kidding on that last bit).

If you’ve picked a boudoir session, bridal shower and/or engagement party we start sussing out the dates and details. If you’ve included an engagement session in your package, we dig into locations and wardrobe. On the day of, we spend plenty of time exploring, bonding and getting you both really comfortable in front of the lens.

Within a few months of the wedding, Marissa and I will start checking in regularly to see if you have any questions or oh-my-gosh concerns. We step in like a couple of superheroes whenever you need us.

A month before the big day, your final payment is due and we go through a questionnaire that covers absolutely everything from “Hey, how comfortable are you with getting your outfits dirty?” to “Ok, who needs to be in what family photo so this goes off without a hitch?”

The day is here! We come early, we stay late (oh yes, we like to party too), we keep handkerchiefs on hand just in case, and of course we snap all the magic in-between.

We offer three fully customizeable wedding packages with our baseline package starting at $3,500 for 6 hours which includes 600-800 edited, high res digital + 120mm film snaps.

My husband and I aren't comfortable in front of the camera at all and Megan and Greg handled our awkwardness with such ease. They're great at making you feel comfortable and providing direction. It was also really important to us that none of our photos seem too forced or formal...and I can confidently tell you not ONE of our photos has that vibe. The number one comment we consistently get from our loved ones is how these pictures are "so us" and "natural".

My husband was also really worried about having a camera following us and potentially ruining our ability to enjoy the day. We (and so many of our guests) were so impressed by how skillfully Megan and Greg were able to navigate the crowd-they just kind of melted in the background but were somehow able to capture all the special intimate moments we missed. They also didn't pull us away too much from the day to take photos and LET US ENJOY THE DAY. 

stella and jim


A hurricane almost changed all of our plans, but Megan was quick to communicate with us the week leading up to our wedding and ensured we would have a backup photographer if she was not able to make the trip to us (we are in VA). In the end, the hurricane missed us and all ended up going as originally planned!

My husband and I are so happy with how our wedding photos turned out. There are so many candid moments that were captured and even our "posed" photos do not feel forced. Megan and Greg did an amazing job of capturing our day and we are so thankful that we will be able to look back and relive our wedding over and over again!

emily and dan


We are completely taken aback at how beautifully Megan and Greg captured our day! From the little moments that we missed to ones we couldn't wait to see captured - everything was simply perfect! It was everything I envisioned. I can only imagine how much work editing and sifting through thousands of photos is. Know that we are beyond grateful and we will share the sh*t out of these photos so your name is all over Instagram, FB and wherever else they go viral cause they are AMAAAAAZING!!! Megan is SO SO SO talented!! ahhh! I can't even handle it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

ellie and ben