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From saying “hello” to holding your heirloom album

what to expect

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**I promise to treat you with kindness at every turn. I’m here to help relieve, rather than add to, the stress of wedding planning.

**I promise to prioritize your connection and showcase it with natural poses. The kind that are so easy and effortless, you won’t even notice you’re being “posed” at all.

**I promise grace and guidance in the process, and a legacy-oriented perspective on your wedding day. No question is too trivial to run by me, and no detail is too small to escape my notice.

After the flowers have wilted and the cake has been enjoyed down to the last crumb, your photographs are what you have left to remember your wedding day. And there’s nothing I want more than for you to remember your wedding beautifully. So before we get into the details of how choosing a wedding photography package works, here are a few promises from me to you:

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Never Included: 

Attention to detail, timely communication, natural interactions, lots of laughter, and a final gallery of curated images showcasing both the art and emotion of your wedding day.

Booking an engagement session to help you get comfortable in front of the camera, and allowing me to bring a second highly-skilled photographer to your wedding to ensure that not a single moment is missed.

 Ghosted emails, oversaturated skin tones, blown-out images, awkward poses, forced smiles... or anything else living in the same universe as the family pictures and school headshots of your childhood.

Highest Recommendations:

All Wedding Packages Include:

customizable packages to choose from beginning at $3,500. 

Wedding photography isn't a one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Your priorities for your wedding celebration are uniquely your own, which is why I offer

No matter which level of investment you select, my investment in you and your wedding day remains the same. The best news? What you see is what you get. You won't find any extra added fees or costs around here—and yes, that includes additional travel fees. Bring on the destination weddings!

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things to consider

I completely own the fact that I’m a people-pleaser. From the time you say hello to the day I deliver your final images, my sights are set on exceeding your expectations. Here’s what makes my heart beat a little faster: imagining the two of you sitting side-by-side on your first anniversary and every year after, turning the pages of your wedding album and reminiscing about the unforgettable moments you shared with the people you love most.

From saying “hello” to holding your heirloom album

what to expect

This is the path we’ll take to get you there. 

The images captured on your wedding day deserve to live offline. I offer handmade wedding albums for couples and families so that you can touch and feel your wedding day over and over again. A wedding album is a true heirloom—the kind you can pass down for generations.

Heirloom Album Creation

While your film rolls are being scanned, I’ll work on culling through all of the digitals captured on your wedding day. Each photograph will be meticulously reviewed and edited to ensure a cohesive collection of images. Your complete online gallery will be delivered 3-4 weeks after your wedding day. Pour a glass of bubbly and enjoy reliving every moment! 

Curated Gallery Delivery

A few days after your wedding, you’ll receive a smattering of sneak peeks to rekindle your excitement (and garner a few thousand likes on Instagram). 

Speedy Sneak Peeks

after the aisle

Feeling nervous? I’ll maintain a peaceful, reassuring presence that will put you at ease at every point throughout the day. We’ll begin by photographing candids, and I’ll step in as necessary to offer direction and keep things flowing. Wedding party wrangling and efficient formal portraits are included with every package! 

Calm + Comprehensive Coverage

On the day of your wedding, I’ll arrive early to capture the details you’ve worked so hard to bring to life. The other hat I wear as a special event florist has given me a unique storytelling perspective, meaning you’ll receive detail shots unlike any others. Last but not least, your existing materials will be elevated by extra touches and a special styling kit to create editorial images—the kind that look like they could be featured in a magazine.

Detail Styling

Your wedding day

I will provide you with a wedding day questionnaire and photography timeline to ensure maximum preparation for your wedding day. My studio manager, Marissa, and I will always be available to answer any questions you or your wedding planner might have. 

Final Preparations

On the day of your engagement session we’ll spend 2-3 hours talking, exploring, getting to know one another, and (of course!) taking gorgeous images. Afterward, I’ll quickly deliver a gallery of beautiful, edited images so that you can send out your save the dates as soon as possible.

Engagement Session

After your deposit has been paid and your contract has been signed, I’ll reach out with helpful information about the pre-wedding photo session(s) you’ve selected—engagement portraits, boudoir portraits, and bridal shower/engagement party coverage are available. Think timeline tips, location suggestions, wardrobe recommendations, and more. 

Guidance and Planning

After receiving your inquiry, we’ll schedule a discovery call (or kick off an email thread if you’re not a phone person) to discuss your wedding day. Based on our conversation, I’ll recommend the photography packages best suited to your needs. Customizations are completely welcome! 


getting started

My husband and I aren't comfortable in front of the camera at all and Megan and Greg handled our awkwardness with such ease. They're great at making you feel comfortable and providing direction. It was also really important to us that none of our photos seem too forced or formal...and I can confidently tell you not ONE of our photos has that vibe. The number one comment we consistently get from our loved ones is how these pictures are "so us" and "natural".


My husband was also really worried about having a camera following us and potentially ruining our ability to enjoy the day. We (and so many of our guests) were so impressed by how skillfully Megan and Greg were able to navigate the crowd-they just kind of melted in the background but were somehow able to capture all the special intimate moments we missed. They also didn't pull us away too much from the day to take photos and LET US ENJOY THE DAY. 

stella and jim


"They're great at making you feel comfortable and providing direction"

A hurricane almost changed all of our plans, but Megan was quick to communicate with us the week leading up to our wedding and ensured we would have a backup photographer if she was not able to make the trip to us (we are in VA). In the end, the hurricane missed us and all ended up going as originally planned!

My husband and I are so happy with how our wedding photos turned out. There are so many candid moments that were captured and even our "posed" photos do not feel forced. Megan and Greg did an amazing job of capturing our day and we are so thankful that we will be able to look back and relive our wedding over and over again!

emily and dan


We are completely taken aback at how beautifully Megan and Greg captured our day! From the little moments that we missed to ones we couldn't wait to see captured - everything was simply perfect! It was everything I envisioned. I can only imagine how much work editing and sifting through thousands of photos is. Know that we are beyond grateful and we will share the sh*t out of these photos so your name is all over Instagram, FB and wherever else they go viral cause they are AMAAAAAZING!!! Megan is SO SO SO talented!! ahhh! I can't even handle it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

ellie and ben


frequently asked, no less important


I’m ready to book! How do I secure my wedding date?

I’m ready to book! How do I secure my wedding date?

In order to lock me in as your wedding photographer, a $1,000 retainer will be due at the time of your contract signing. The balance will be due a month before your wedding. Payment plan options are available upon request.

I’m having a destination wedding. Will I have to pay extra for photography?


Apart from covering my lodging expenses, no! I’m a seasoned traveler and would be honored to photograph your destination wedding—no additional “travel fees” required. I will even take care of arranging my own travel and booking my own accommodations so that there’s not an ounce of extra work on your plate.

Can you provide me with vendor referrals?

Can you provide me with vendor referrals?

Absolutely! Let me put my seven years of wedding industry experience to work for you. I’ll happily help you cut through the Google ad clutter by recommending vetted vendors who can be trusted to execute your vision. 

Why do you recommend a second photographer on the wedding day?

Why do you recommend a second photographer on the wedding day?

For so many reasons...including the fact that having my trusted second photographer onboard is the closest I can get to being in two different places at once. As a team, we’ll be able to take images of you and your fiancé at the same time and provide you with a variety of shots and angles you wouldn’t otherwise receive. On my own, I can either photograph your walk down the aisle or the look on your groom’s face when he sees you for the first time. With the addition of a second photographer, I can ensure that both of these moments are captured and preserved in your wedding album.

What happens if you can’t make it to our wedding due to an emergency?

What happens if you can’t make it to our wedding due to an emergency?

This has thankfully never happened before, but just in case, I maintain a network of incredible photographers who are willing and able to take my place in the event of an emergency.

After the wedding, will I be able to do whatever I want with my wedding images?

After the wedding, will I be able to do whatever I want with my wedding images?

Don't be afraid of the copyright section in my contract, which stipulates that I own all digital images—this simply allows me to show off your images on my website, Instagram, and the like. I will provide you with a print release for your images, meaning you can do whatever you want with them! After all, they’re your memories...and I want you to enjoy them to the fullest.

What types of albums do you offer?

What types of albums do you offer?

I realize that “the sky's the limit” is a bit overused, but...it’s applicable here. The albums we offer are handmade and can be presented in any number of colors, layouts, and textures (including linen and leather). We’ll work together to design an heirloom album that reflects your style. Albums for family members are also available.