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Can the same be said for orange skin tones and images bright enough to blur out your facial features altogether? Only Father Time will tell. (And I have a pretty strong feeling he’ll say no.)

During your engagement session and on your wedding day, I’ll guide you and your fiancé through movement-based poses that result in organic images showcasing your relationship.

Seven years of experience & my connections with San Diego's best wedding vendors have helped me perfect the art of the wedding photography dance—I know exactly when to step in and provide direction, and when to step back to document candid moments as they unfold.

“Capturing every moment” of your wedding isn’t enough in my book. I want to give you the gift of capturing every moment well.

I focus on creating images that beautifully and artistically represent your connection—a look that's relevant now and for years to come. 

Of all the things I could share about My Sun and Stars Co and my work as a wedding photographer, here’s the first thing I want you to know: I don’t believe in imposing a mood onto your memories. Trendy edits, filters, and lighting choices don't add anything to the meaningful moments you share on your wedding day. In fact, they can actually detract from your remembrance of them.

Because trends are cool...until they’re not

Timeless, natural wedding photographs that are true to you

San Diego Wedding Photography

“If you are looking for dreamy, artistic wedding photos that truly capture a couple's love for one another look no further than My Sun and Stars! We have nothing but the highest recommendations for Megan, and her professionalism and artistry are incredible.”

—Louise + Nate

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Think it’s impossible to turn feelings of awkwardness into fine art moments?
Hold my camera.
Then hand it back, and let me show you how incredible you look.

I’ve photographed over 200 weddings in locations ranging from Yosemite to Hawaii, and guess what? To my knowledge, none of my couples have ever walked a runway before... You don’t have to be a professional model to walk away from your wedding day with images that are as stunning as they are significant.

Bring me your camera-shyness, your feelings of awkwardness, and every last question and concern of the “What in the world do I do with my hands?” variety. Using an artistic eye, dynamic photo direction, and the timeless medium of film photography, I’ll create fine art images you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

But still want to look really, really, ridiculously good looking

Wedding photography for people who aren’t models

My Sun & Stars Co

“My husband and I aren't comfortable in front of the camera at all and Megan and Greg handled our awkwardness with such ease. It was also really important to us that none of our photos seem too forced or formal...and I can confidently tell you not ONE of our photos has that vibe.

—Stella + Jim

this is what i'm looking for

Hello, I’m Megan! Legacy preserver, fine art creator, film lover, San Diego wedding photographer...and completely-obsessed dog mom. 

I’ve known that I wanted to be a photographer since the second grade, but my early ambitions revolved more around scoring the cover of National Geographic than documenting wedding details. When high school rolled around, I did everything I could to gain the experience needed to become a photojournalist...including holding the title of “unpaid intern who gets the coffee” for a high-end wedding photographer with connections to Nat Geo.

My end goal changed after the first wedding I attended with her. Weddings combine all forms of photography—editorial, documentary, candid, portrait. I was completely hooked from day one and I’m still hooked today.

My job is fun, but it’s also important. I value the stories entrusted to me tremendously and take the responsibility of photographing a wedding seriously. Your wedding day is simultaneously one of the most defining occasions in your life as an individual and the beginning of your shared legacy together. Through the art of photography, I have the honor to help you and your family remember the glances exchanged, the toasts raised, the promises made, and every moment in between.

Megan lynn

Let's Swap Pet Pics

(Send me an email with a picture of your fur baby attached and see how fast I respond!) 

My Sun & Stars Co, San Diego Wedding Photographer

Where would I be without Marissa? Up to my eyeballs in emails...that’s where! This communication queen lives to make our couples happy and ensures that every San Diego (and beyond!) wedding inquiry you send our way is answered quickly and efficiently.

Marissa is an incredible mom to her pre-teen son, who is the sweetest, smartest, most well-behaved kid on the block (although we both might be a little biased). She has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve met and she’s almost as obsessed with plants as she is with animals. If you have a Home Depot plant in need of resuscitation, Marissa is your girl. And if you need a little boost while planning your wedding, Marissa has an unlimited supply of happy energy to give.

Emails from Marissa tend to have a lot of exclamation points, and she's an old soul...so don’t be surprised to receive responses accented with a gosh dang diddly or the occasional darn tootin'. I can’t wait for you to get to know her!

Studio Manager / Assistant / Organization Aficionado 


Greg is my life partner and my favorite person. He is also the highly-skilled San Diego wedding photographer who serves as my second shooter on wedding days (but you don’t have to call him Hot Stuff unless you want to).

I’m drawn to documenting details, and Greg excels at capturing the big picture. He shoots a killer landscape, has an eye for architectural angles, and is great at working by my side. Happily, this makes us the perfect team in business and in life.

A man of diverse interests, Greg is a talented craftsman and enjoys building unique wedding structures for couples. He recently obtained his master's degree in nonprofit leadership and management, and he's just as obsessed with dogs as I am.

Oh, and there’s a high-to-guaranteed chance you’ll see him sporting a *very* fashionable fanny pack on the day of your wedding—he keeps all kinds of treasures in there to support our photographic efforts!

Skilled Photographer / Woodworking Genius / Hot Stuff


Nigel is the kind of dog who has no idea how big he really is. He’s afraid to injure a fly and tries his best to sleep in between Greg and me at night.

Fox, on the other hand, is a small dog who thinks he's a much, much larger dog. With an in-your-face effort for pets, Fox is what we call an "aggressive cuddler."

They're both a little simple, but will do ANYTHING for food. They favor falling asleep on my computer and love to paw at my hand while I’m typing, which can make having them around while I’m editing a little challenging. But it’s worth it. So, so worth it. 

Mascots / Rescue Pups / Photographer’s Best Friends

nigel & fox

A dash of poetry, a wink at Game of Thrones, and a nod to astronomy and the timelessness of the stars...these are the things My Sun and Stars is made of.

“yours is the light by which my spirit’s born:
yours is the darkness of my soul’s return
—you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars”
e.e. cummings

The inspiration behind My Sun and Stars Co, San Diego Wedding Photographer

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