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Downtown LA Engagement Session- On top of a helipad!


For engagement photo shoots, I leave deciding the general location up to the couple. I want them to choose a place that’s important to them- so it’s not just a pretty place, but it’s also a meaningful place. These two picked Downtown LA where they met and lived for several years.

They wanted their engagement session to be urban, with great views of the city- and if possible some nature. I asked them if they wanted a colorful engagement session- like the last engagement session I did downtown (where we just found as many murals and colorful walls we could in walking distance!) but that wasn’t really their vibe. So their pictures depicted something else entirely!

They weren’t sure where exactly to do their photos so I got to digging, with their guidelines in mind. Our first stop was Hermosa Park which has both wilderness, AND an amazing view of the city. We went on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and it was surprisingly not busy!? Scroll below for information on their other locations (:

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