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The Best 15 Wedding Venues in Southern California

I’ve photographed nearly 200 weddings in my career thus far, and I’ve been to some absolutely AMAZING places. Here’s a compilation of the absolute best of the BEST Wedding Venues in Southern California for an unforgettable wedding experience- oh… and some incredible photographs. These venues range from all the way south in San Diego, to Palm Springs in the east, and further than Santa Barbara.

** Please note, not all photographs are mine!

1. Malibu Rocky Oaks

Malibu Rocky Oaks is the epitome of an elevated and luxurious wedding venue. Completely unrivaled by any other wedding venue in the region, it’s consistently voted one of the top wedding venues in the country AND in the world. Malibu Rocky Oaks provides an unforgettable wedding experience. Honestly, I’ll just let my film images below do the talking.

malibu rocky oaks luxury wedding photographer film photography

2. Cal-a-Vie Health Spa

Cal a Vie Health Spa is the perfect wedding venue for a couple who wants an all inclusive wedding weekend. They offer a three-day, all-inclusive experience.

Literally anything that you could possibly want, they provide (and is probably included already). To give you a general idea of how luxurious this venue is, here’s a snipped from their wedding brochure, “The ceremony venue is a 400-year-old chapel, imported from Dijon, France, furnished with wooden bench pews, antique chandeliers and décor. The historical building sits atop a hill overlooking a picturesque view of surrounding valley, lavender fields, vineyards and beautifully groomed gardens. The reception venue, L’Orangerie, a 300-year-old limestone building features an antique walnut and zinc bar, old world French chandeliers, and three 16th century fireplaces. An 8,000 square foot manicured lawn, adjacent to the L’Orangerie, is available for an outdoor wedding and reception for up to 200 guests.”

3. Karokia Pensione

Karokia Pensione is a meditterannean oasis gem hidden in palm springs. There’s the “infamous door” which provides the backdrop for many wedding ceremonies. It’s a fully functioning hotel, so your guests can stay in the same spot as the wedding, and enjoy their company all weekend long!

this korakia pensione wedding is full of palm springs vacation vibes 10 -

images below courtesy of Lauren Kinsey from her originial blog post.

wedding inspiration at Karokia Pensione

4. San Ysidro Ranch

San Ysidro Ranch is the perfect venue for a garden wedding. It provides a secluded oasis, as according to The Venue Report, “The Ranch occupies over 500 rolling acres of unspoiled coastal landscape between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean “

5. Ceilo Farms

Another European gem nestled in the heart of Malibu, Ceilo Farms isn’t what it’s name pretends it to be. It’s not some rustic ranch with shabby shic interiors. It’s an old world european relic in Southern California complete with a mind blowing view

6. Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm

Images of Dos Pueblos Orchid Farm don’t even begin to do this venue justice. Not only is it a ~huge~ space, with plenty of room for big wedding guest lists, the venue has a rich history tied in with Santa Barbara’s history. It’s got a lot perfect for ceremony space- with a view overlooking the Santa Barbara coastline (can you tell I’m a sucker for views yet??) and a greenhouse space that is to DIE FOR.

images below from a wedding I did flowers for, photographed by Britt Crowe

7. Milagro Winery

Milagro winery is out in Ramona, and is so so worth the drive. It’s like a triple threat- it’s got stunning views, european architecture, and a fully functioning winery. Plus, it’s got stunning ancient oak trees all across the property that perfectly filter the southern California sunshine in. Who doesn’t loooove sunrays?!

best wedding venue in ramona california milagro
best wedding venue in ramona california milagro

8. Grass Room

The Grass Room in LA is a funky place with tons of color, modern architecture, and loads of character for those non-traditional weddings.

9. Valentine

Valentine is an event space owned by the same company as the Grass Room, Marmivon is another modern venue with a different vibe. As described on Valentine’s Website, ” From the moment you walk into Valentine, you’re in a wholly unique environment defined by lush gardens, sun lit rooms, rustic surfaces and site-specific artworks by local artists. ” They also focus on sustainability and green practices

images below courtesy of Valentine’s Website

10. Wayfarer’s Chapel

Wayfarer’s Chapel in Rancho Palos Verdes has been featured in countless movies, TV shows, and commercials- and for good reason! Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s son- it’s a wedding chapel for those who want their wedding ceremony to reflect their personality.

11. Greystone Mansion

Amongst immaculate grounds, Greystone Mansion is a historic property hidden in the middle of Los Angeles and host to the most high end and opulent weddings. This Beverley Hills architectural gem is the perfect venue for more formal and black tie weddings.

12. Lombardi House

Beautiful and adaptable, The Lombardi House absolutely redefines barn weddings. A modern, all white interior greets you into a large space that can start as a blank slate and be turned into the space of your heart’s desire.

13. Kestrel Park

Another gorgeous garden wedding setting, Kestrel Park is a “breathtaking, 100-acre, private estate located in the stunning Santa Barbara countryside that features pristine gardens and grounds as well as a 19th century-English style country house and equestrian facilities. As a boutique venue, Kestrel Park only accepts eight to ten events a year to ensure that the grounds are impeccably maintained.” Guaranteed landscaping no matter when you are wed- now that is hard to find.

14. Rancho Las Lomas

Rancho Las Lomas is a massive property, one of the most versatile venues in Southern California. It’s great for larger weddings or if you just want different options. Every square inch of the venue is detailed and unique, down to the bathroom floor tiles. Also- they’ve got live animals on the property as it shares the land with the Rancho Wildlife Foundation which is a “nonprofit dedicated to the creation of a crucial link between people, animals, and the preservation of nature ” What a way to celebrate your love and support animals (the white siberian tiger is my fave)!

images courtesy of Brett Thickman from his Blog Post

15. Hotel Joaquin

Hotel Joaquin is a brand new, boutique hotel in Laguna Beach owned by the same folks as Karokia! It’s a venue perfect for smaller, intimate weddings to provide a warmer, close-knit vibe. Every single room on the property feels like a breath of fresh air, and you never want to leave (I’ve considered moving in). It’s only ONE block away from the beach, yet the whole vibe of the hotel makes you feel like home- only better.

So let’s get to photographing your weddings! These are only ~some~ of the top wedding venues in Southern California, and I know plenty more! Reach out and we can talk about ALL your wedding needs (:

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